ivory [ī′vər ē, ī′vrē]
pl. ivories [ME < OFr yvoire < L eboreus (adj.) < ebur (gen. eboris), ivory < Egypt Ȝ bw, elephant, ivory]
1. the hard, white substance, a form of dentin, that makes up the tusks of elephants, walruses, etc.
a) dentin in any form
b) any substance like ivory in appearance, use, etc.
3. the color of ivory; creamy white
4. a tusk of an elephant, walrus, etc.
5. [pl.] things made of ivory
6. [pl.] Slang things resembling or suggesting ivory; specif.,
a) piano keys
b) teeth
c) dice
d) billiard balls
1. of, made of, or like ivory
2. creamy-white

English World dictionary. . 2014.